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Maryland State Vehicle Inspection Facility in Frederick MD

md-state-inspectionIn Frederick, Maryland, all vehicles must undergo a safety inspection, also know as a Maryland State Inspection, before it can be registsered. Periodically, most vehicles also must have their emissions tested under the Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program (VEIP).

Brownie’s Auto Repair specializes in Maryland State Inspections in Frederick & Walkersville, MD. If you need a Maryland State Inspection in Frederick, MD, contact us to schedule an appointment.

brownies-mechanic-2What do we inspect?

• Steering system
• Wheel alignment
• Suspension
• Brake system
• Wheels / tires
• Fuel system
• Exhaust system
• Bumpers
• Fenders
• Lights
• Electrical system
• Mirrors
• Glazing (windows)
• Wipers
• Hood / catches
• Door handle latches
• Floor / trunk pans
• Speedometer / odometer
• Driver seat
• Safety belts
• Motor mounts
• Gear shift indicator
• Universal and CV (constant velocity) joints
• Emissions equipment